The old systems are heavy and unwieldy. Something new was needed.

Then we created SmartProtect.

When we started thinking about how clumsy and difficult it is to handle today’s protective barrier systems at traffic workplaces, an idea was born. Today’s system is based on weight – a mass in the protection should withstand a mass in the vehicle. Then the weight is a solution. But today, new technologies can cope with at least the same requirements and yet are lighter, more flexible, and faster to install.
We started sketching out what would be our ideal solution. A well-thought-out system that is easy to assemble, quickly can change, and adapts to different situations – and weighing less but still meets the highest safety requirements.

SmartProtect became our patented solution, which we are convinced will form the basis for how we view protective barriers in the future. It may sound boastful, but we are genuinely proud of our product, and we think you will appreciate it on a frosty autumn day when the cold bites your fingers. Or when the traffic authorities call in a panic and need a quick demarcation for a forgotten music festival.

Find out about the brains behind SmartProtect.

Thomas Wuopio

With commercialization in mind.

Thomas has spent all his professional life in the road safety industry. He was previously CEO of one of Sweden’s leading road safety companies with operations in the Nordics. Today he runs Wopio, experts in remodeling and new construction projects in traffic environments. Thomas is also chairman of the industry organization SBSV, Sweden’s trade association for safer road workplaces.

Thomas has previously, among other things, initiated equal TA plans that include pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchair users, and others who have been in traffic environments – in addition to road workers and vehicles. Today it has become a part of the Swedish standard, SIS.

Joakim Svedberg

Rarely stops thinking about new technological innovations.

Joakim has extensive experience as both a design manager and product developer. Among other things, he has developed advanced fall protection at construction sites and products to increase road safety. Many of SmartProtect’s ideas and technical solutions are inspired by Joakim’s experience with similar problems.

Joakim was one of the initiators of creating a Swedish standard for “Guardrails for pedestrian and bicycle traffic” which is today published as SS 7750.

Fredrik Zachariassen

Carry everything worth knowing about sourcing between the ears.

Fredrik is an authority on road safety in Norway. He built one of Norway’s leading road safety companies that, in 2015, was sold to Roadworks. Today he is the CEO of Veisikring within Roadworks. Fredrik has long, genuine sourcing experience and works as a trainer for Work on the Road, the Norwegian road worker certification.

He has been involved in the development of several railing systems according to EN-1317-2 and EN 16303. Fredrik has extensive experience with steel and concrete barrier systems and also slip forming of concrete.


Solid crash tests show that our theory holds

Altogether, we have 60 years of experience in crash tests. We know that drawing board theories are one thing; another thing is how it performs in reality. Independent crash tests are required to ensure it delivers what is promised. Therefore, we have invested in solid crash tests according to EN1317-2, showing that SmartProtect can handle all our claims.

SmartProtect – provides safer traffic environments to both road workers and road users.