SmartProtect screen net
SmartProtect screen net can be easily mounted on the screen for increased height and safety.

The net which is 0.6m high creates a total height of 2.6m. The net is easily mounted to the screen by hooking onto the screws on the screen which are then tightened to create a mute connection and the screws are not accessible from the outside. The net is designed to blend in with its surroundings and is not climbable. At the top, the wires stick up to increase safety but without being as aggressive as barbed wire.

Weight: 13 kg
Measure the net: 2855×630 mm
Overall measurements: 2855x910x96 mm

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A multi-system with an ingenious mounting rail.

The mounting rail on the top of the elements can be used for a variety of tasks and situations and has a lot of small features that make everyday life easier. SmartProtect has no loose, protruding parts that increase the risk of injury to passing road users – just insert the function you need, such as:


  • Noise protection can be supplied in several colors or transparent.
  • GC railing protecting pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Smart X3/X2 mounts provide quick installation.
  • Fence and panel mount that is easy to assemble.
  • Sign mounts for both round and square poles.
  • Lighting. It is quick and easy to get good lighting in place.

Solid crash tests show that our theory holds

Altogether, we have 60 years of experience in crash tests. We know that drawing board theories are one thing; another thing is how it performs in reality. Independent crash tests are required to ensure it delivers what is promised. Therefore, we have invested in solid crash tests according to EN1317-2, showing that SmartProtect can handle all our claims.

SmartProtect – provides safer traffic environments to both road workers and road users.